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Kamasutra Vodka Liquers


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named after the God of love, Kama, awakens the sutras of love and passion to new life.

A completely new experience of pleasure now awaits you. Kamasutra. Temptation pure. Kamasutras are the aphorisms of pleasure which the body, the spirit and the soul take in - sensations of an exquisite kind. Exotic and erotic enjoyment full of excitement. The art of passionate enjoyment using all the senses.

This exciting world now presents a liqueur which captivates and spoils the senses. Kamasutra owes its exotic flair to the stimulating substances found in ginseng roots, which were used at the Chinese Imperial court as aphrodisiacs 2000 years ago.

Kamasutra on the rocks, as a longdrink or cocktail always served on ice. Discover the fascinating myth of Asia. Look forward to a new and excitingly tempting taste. Kamasutra. The Temptation.

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